Photographs 1

A man stands by a harp

… And so the Philips session, with Colin Davis conducting the Enigma Variations, at Wembley Town Hall, became the backbone of the film.

… This facility to relax totally the moment playing stops and to concentrate immediately it starts is essential.

… During the filming at Wembley one player emerged, the man who became the point of focus – the individual with a corporate identity. Stuart Knussen was chosen not because he is a brilliant principal double bass, which he is, but because his professionalism is typical of each individual player.

… Stuart Knussen was chosen not because he has a son with great musical talent, which he has, but because with young Oliver it was possible to explore the grave shortcomings of musical training in this country – the supply of the next generation of LSO players.

… Nine hours of music-making; three hours of travelling and, more often than not, for seven days every week.