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A man stands by a harp

… And so the Philips session, with Colin Davis conducting the Enigma Variations, at Wembley Town Hall, became the backbone of the film.

… This facility to relax totally the moment playing stops and to concentrate immediately it starts is essential.

… During the filming at Wembley one player emerged, the man who became the point of focus – the individual with a corporate identity. Stuart Knussen was chosen not because he is a brilliant principal double bass, which he is, but because his professionalism is typical of each individual player.

… Stuart Knussen was chosen not because he has a son with great musical talent, which he has, but because with young Oliver it was possible to explore the grave shortcomings of musical training in this country – the supply of the next generation of LSO players.

… Nine hours of music-making; three hours of travelling and, more often than not, for seven days every week.

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… Each concert has its own particular feeling of preparation and anticipation.

… And so to a milestone in the history of the LSO. The Memorial Concert which was to mark Monteux’s retirement on his 90th birthday, and instead, is Istvan Kertez’s first appearance since his new appointment as principal conductor.

… Our feeling at the end of such a performance is a mixture of tremendous elation and tiredness. It makes our life worth living.