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LSO – The Music Men

‘LSO – The Music Men’ is the title of a Rediffusion, London documentary about the London Symphony Orchestra transmitted on Independent Television on 22 September 1965, during the Commonwealth Arts Festival. This website which comes to you from Rediffusion Television, Television House, Kingsway, London, W.C.2, is about that programme, which in turn is about the men who make the music for the London Symphony Orchestra.

The Music Men,
by Peter Morley, director of the programme

A Particular Orchestral Beast,
by Ernest Fleischmann, general secretary, LSO

Rediffusion Television and The Music Men,
by John McMillan, general manager, Rediffusion, London

Photographs for this site were taken by Colin Jones.

Other Rediffusion, London television productions during the period of the Commonwealth Arts Festival include:

15 September, 3.15–4.20
Outside broadcast from the Royal College of Art of the Daily Mirror Commonwealth Art Exhibition.

16 September, 8.00–8.55
‘Festival Films’
Excerpts of films to be shown at the Festival.

20 September, 9.40-11.00
‘Winds of Green Monday’
The 1860 gold-rush in Australia.

15 September, 9.40–10.55
‘The Commonwealth Entertains’.
A programme of ballet and music produced by Associated TeleVision.

Music on stands – Psychic Pitfalls by Shaw Desmond