Dramatis personae

Courtesy of Kenneth Knussen


Ted Lloyd
Michael Rhodes
Alan Hewison


Keith Barber
Basil Rootes
Freddie Slade

Film editor:

David Hodgson


Peter Morley

Rediffusion London production

Dramatis personæ

by Transdiffusion

Knussen, Stuart (1923–1990) 
Born in Manchester and trained in Hamburg and Chicago. Principal bass at the LSO for 15 years, including 5 years as chairman of the board of directors. Emigrated to Canada and founded the Greater Victoria Youth Orchestra.

Knussen, Stuart Oliver (1952–2018)
Born in Glasgow. Stepped in to cover for conductor István Kertész at a concert when aged 15. Musical director of the London Sinfonietta 1998–2002. CBE 1994.

Davis, Colin Rex (1927–2013)
Born in Weybridge. Assistant chief conductor of the BBC Scottish Orchestra 1957. Chief conductor of the Sadler’s Wells Opera 1960. Chief conductor of the BBC Symphony Orchestra 1967. Principal conductor of the Royal Opera at Covent Garden 1970. Chief conductor of the Bavarian Radio Symphony Orchestra 1983. Principal conductor of the LSO 1995. CBE 1965. Knighted 1980. Companion of Honour 2001.

Fleischmann, Ernest Martin (1924–2010)
Born in Frankfurt am Main, fled the Nazis to South Africa with his family. General manager of the LSO 1959. Executive director of the Los Angeles Philharmonic 1969.

Kertész, István (1929–1973)
Born Budapest. Most of his family were murdered at Auschwitz. Chief conductor of the Philharmonic Orchestra at Győr 1953. Left Hungary after the uprising. Musical director at the Augsburg Opera 1960. Musical director of the Cologne Opera 1964. Principal conductor of the LSO 1965. Principal conductor of the Bamberg Symphony 1973. Drowned off the coast of Israel.

McMillan, John (1915–1992)
Born in Sydney. Emigrated to England 1934 and worked for International Broadcasting Company, Universal Programmes Corporation, EMI and Warner Bros. Assistant controller, BBC Light Programme 1946. General manager of Kemsley-Winnick Television, moving to management at Rediffusion when that company withdrew. General manager of Rediffusion Television upon the retirement of Tom Brownrigg 1964. Head of sport at the Independent Television Companies Association 1968. CBE 1969.

Morley, Peter ( Meyer) (1924–2016)
Born in Berlin, fled the Nazis in 1933 to England with his family. Producer for Associated-Rediffusion and Rediffusion London, then at the new Yorkshire Television from 1968. OBE 1969.